Road Maintenance Pty Ltd services available throughout Australia:

  • Maintenance and Repairs of Roads and Pavements
  • Crack  Sealing
  • Profiling
  • Development and Manufacturing of our Polymer based Crack Sealant Maxi-Seal (Class 320 Bitumen)
  • Manufacturing of Crumb Rubber Bitumen for use in Spray Sealing
  • Traffic Control and Traffic Management (Invarion)
  • Operation of Public Weighbridge
  • Vicroads pre-qualified contractor (TMP & TGS)
  • Research and Development

Crack Sealing Works

Our vehicles are designed and manufactured by Road Maintenance Pty. Ltd. The tanks are hot oil heated ensuring an even distribution of product heating, producing longer life, less pollution and a quality consistent product. This method of heating is a silent operation, mandatory for performing night works and can also be used on days of total fire ban, as there is no exposed flame.

All Road Maintenance crack sealing vehicles are approved by Worksafe (a prerequisite to obtaining and maintaining the Dangerous Goods Licence) and are licensed to Transport Dangerous Goods in accordance with the Dangerous Goods (Transport by Road or Rail) Regulations 2008. Furthermore, all Road Tank vehicles have compliance plates fitted to the tank displaying the Tank design approval number issued by Worksafe and other relevant information. The vehicles are risk assessed, inspected, serviced and maintained in accordance with the Australian Standard AS 2809.1 2008 to ensure a safe working environment. All necessary Dangerous Goods placards, Compliance plate, labels and other appropriate decals are all fitted and displayed on the road tank vehicles as required.

Traffic Control & Traffic Management

Road Maintenance Pty. Ltd. is prequalified in the WTMI Category of the Traffic Management Services (Contractors) Group in the following levels:

  • Traffic Management Plan (TMP)
  • Traffic Guidance Scheme (TGS)

to Vicroads traffic control and management requirements.

Traffic control and management is undertaken by competently trained employees. All traffic control plant and equipment, Crash Attenuator, Traffic trucks, arrow boards, VMS board and signage, are constantly monitored and maintained to a high standard of operation and in keeping with the latest standards.



  1. Work Safe Approved. Designed and Manufactured to Australian Standard AS 2809, Dangerous Goods (Transport by Road & Rail) Regulations and the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail.
  2. Able to Operate on Total Fire Ban Days – No Naked Flames.
  3. Silent Operation – Mandatory for Night Operations.
  4. Hot Oil Heated Tanks, Which Maintain the Quality of the Product.
  5. Heating and Circulating of Product While Driving to Jobs.
  6. Instantly ready to Pour Product when Arriving on Site – No Down Time.
  7. Heating and Hydraulic Controls Can Also Be Operated Inside Cab.
  8. Automatic Trucks – Less Noise and Easier to Operate while Crack Sealing.
  9. Operating Australia Wide.
  10. Crack sealing Product (Maxi-Seal) Tested Under NATA Accreditation.
  11. Franchise and/or Leasing Available.